Lewis Creek Farm Job Opening
Posted 1/11/2018

Mechanic and General Repair

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We use a lot of machinery: Five tractors, one trucks, one van, mowers, combines, cultivators, seeders, harvesters, etc. Most of it is old and some of it is homemade. It all runs smoother when we have a mechanic on the place.
In addition, we have a lot of buildings: barns, housing, greenhouses, and they all need occasional attention as well.

Automotive, Welding and Carpentry experience.

The Mechanic is usually not a full time position by itself, his could easily be a full time job for a person qualified to do any of the following tasks:
Delivery Driver, Tractor Driver, or the Farmstand Manager.

Part time: Flexible hours, 8-16 hrs. / week
Seasonal: April through November.

Compensation: $12.50/hr .

How to Apply
Interested? Contact Hank Bissell with a brief outline of your experience and qualificaions at:


Lewis Creek Farm
PO Box 123
Starksboro VT 05487


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