Meet the Crew

We have a great crew of hard working people. They work in all kinds of weather, be it sunny and 95 degrees or 35 degrees and raining. These are the people who grow the beautiful vegetables you have come to expect from Lewis Creek Farm.


Hank has owned Lewis Creek Farm since 1981. He attended the Putney School and Cornell University. For recreation he performs Morris Dancing.

Hank Morris Dancing


Mary is a Middlebury native. She is running the farmstand this year. She has the unique ability to identify every reptile and amphibian in the state of Vermont.


Cassie grew up in Wisconsin and moved here to be near some great snowboarding. She has worked in a lot of restaurant kitchens and is very excited to be getting to the source of fresh foods.


Pete is living in a tent this summer and working on the field crew. It's rough going in rainy weather, but he's tough. He's headed to the Baja Peninsula for the winter.


Delroy is from Troy, Jamaica in Trelawny parish. He’s been working here at Lewis Creek Farm since 2001. Delroy knows every aspect of the field work and keeps the crew running smoothly. He has a small farm in Jamaica, where he grows Yams, Bananas Coffee and Dasheen.


Joe lives in Bristol and worked at UVM for many years. He's now doing deliveries and repairs here at the farm. He enjoys playing golf. Fun Fact: Joe and his wife lived in an apartment here at Lewis Creek Farm back in the 80s and early 90s.


Francis is working here part-time keeping all our machinery running smoothly. For many years he owned an organic dairy farm in Wisconsin. He also works full time at the Common Ground Center here in Starksboro during the summer, and in the oil fields of North Dakota in the Winter.

John Wayne

John Wayne is in his second season here at the farm, and he's helping Donald with all the warm weather crops like Tomatoes and Cucumbers. At home in Jamaica, he is Vice-captain of the Troy Champion Cricket Club, and plays the position 'Slip' when his team is in the field. He is Delroy's son.


Bobby is from Jacks River, Jamaica in St. Andrew’s parish and has been with us since 2002. He is an amazing mechanic and drives a taxi when he’s home in Jamaica.


This is Rayon's first season here at the farm, helping with and learning about everything. At home in Jamaica, he belongs to the Young Diamond Football (soccer) Club and plays 'Last Man' (defense). He is Maxwell's son.


Nate lives in Starksboro. He's helping on the field crew this summer, and then he's off to Green Mountain College in the fall to study Adventure Education.


Lohak lives in Starksboro and goes to Mt Abe Union High School. He's working on the field crew this summer. He likes being outdoors and is interested in auto mechanics.


Maxwell is from Auctembeddie, Jamaica in Manchester Parish. He has been coming to Lewis Creek Farm since 2002. On the farm, he is in charge of washing and packing potatoes. He is particularly skilled with the machete. He has a small mountainside Yam farm in Jamaica.


Donald is from Belfield, Jamaica in St Mary’s parish. He is in charge of tomatoes and peppers here at Lewis Creek. When he is not picking and planting, Donald enjoys playing dominoes.


Margot has been working behind the scenes here at the farm for many years. She is the Help Desk, for when there are computer problems; She is the Dog Trainer, which is why Puck is such a pleasant and well behaved dog; and she is the Food Stylist, when it comes to taking beautiful photos of deliciously prepared vegetable dishes.


This is Puck’s seventh year here on the farm. He is in charge of rodent control, playing with other dogs, greeting customers, and inspecting lunches. When he is not working, Puck enjoys a swim in the river, playing with anything dead, and redistributing banana peels from the compost to other areas of the farm.