June is the month for Strawberries.

Traditionally Strawberry Season started with the first day of Summer, June 21st and lasted through July 4th or even mid July.

In the last few years the season has moved earlier so that we have often started picking by June 12th or so, but it also means that we rarely have any berries left on the 4th of July .

This year (2022) despite the fact that the Spring was behind schedule at Mother's Day, we picked the first Strawberries on Tuesday 6/7. Starting that early I'll be surprised if we have berries much past July 1st. We'll see...

Picked Strawberries
We have picked Strawberries at the farmstand. Sometimes just pints and sometimes both pints and quarts.

Watch for the sign
Watch for the Strawberry sign.
It means we have picked Strawberries ready to go.

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Our phone message will tell you if we are open for picking.
Call 802-453-4591
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