Ecologically Grown

We use a lot of organic practices, but we are not strictly organic.

Plowing Photo
Plowing down a green manure crop of Winter Rye and Hairy Vetch. Green manures keep firtilizers out of the ground water and add both nitrogen and organic matter.

Instead we use the term Ecologically Grown to describe the following:

Ecological Pest Control

  • Crop Rotation is most important part of our pest control program.
  • Most of our crops are grown with no pesticides at all.
  • Of those that are sprayed, the majority get sprays that are approved for organic production.
  • In the few cases where we do use chemical sprays, we use those with the lowest possible toxicity to humans.

  • Ecological Fertiliy Management

  • Green manures and soil testing are at the core of our fertility program.
  • We strive to grow healthy plants without excess fertilizers which contribute to water pollution.
  • To achieve this balance, we augment the soilís natural fertility and the contributions of green manures with precise amounts of chemical fertilizers.
  • No GMOs. We do not grow any Geneticly Modified Crops.

  • Learn about how we do it on our Sustainable Agriculture page.
  • We have a Full Disclosure Policy (see below).
    What our Full Disclosure Policy means:

    Our Spinach and over half of all the crops we grow get no spays at all.
    Our Broccoli is an example of a crop that only gets sprays that are approved for organic production.
    A few crops, like our Strawberries, get only one spray before there are any fruit on the plants.

    You can look up every crop we grow and find out:

  • Was this crop sprayed?
  • If it was sprayed , what was it sprayed with?
  • Is that spray approved for organic growers to use?
  • How toxic is that spray?
  • What does that mean?

  • Crop List
    Look up individual crops. Find out if it was sprayed.

    Notes about specific crops
    Which crops are sprayed. Is that spray approved for organic production?

    Key to specific pesticides
    Sprays we use. Which ones are organic. Are they toxic? How toxic?

    Understanding pesticide toxicity
    How pesticide toxicity is measured. Even organic sprays. What it means

    Comparison of pesticide toxicity
    Which sprays are most toxic? Some organic sprays are more toxic.

    Our Philosophy:
    Why we grow this way.